One issue to end them all – Oil depletion

Michael Ruppert is a journalist who’s been called an alarmist. He believes the world’s oil supply is nearing depletion. He points out how everything in our economy is dependent on oil. Whether the first part of what he believes is true is up for debate, but clearly, the second part is fact. Consider me alarmed.

Ruppert tells his story in a documentary called “Collapse”. You can watch it here, or you can watch the trailer here. It’s a little scary to think about the concept of the world’s oil supply depleting. And let me just be forthright, I don’t have an agenda in this post of pointing out the importance of renewable energy. In the doc, Ruppert himself points out that there aren’t any renewable energies available that could even come close to replacing the need that oil fulfills for us. I just think it’s worth sharing the idea, of “what happens when we run out of oil.” It’s scary.

So go fill up your gas tank, and enjoy it. Relish everything that fossil fuels have given us. (Plastics, produce, transportation, etc). Have some fun, and live life in the moment. Just keep the whole oil thing in your back pocket.

The American Petroleum Institute has estimated that the world’s oil supply will be depleted by 2057. Let’s hope that’s not true. Oil depletion is an issue that, naturally has been ignored, because you can’t think your way out of it. There isn’t a happy outcome for the scenario. Which is exactly why we need to consider it.


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