Mariopaint music

Mariopaint for SNES was probably my earliest practice being a graphic/web designer (Other than playing around on my friends old black and white Mac in the paint program). I spent hours making animations, drawing backgrounds, and creating my own 16×16 pixel stamps. But by far and away I spent the most time writing music in Mariopaint. It had a pretty limited sequencer, and you could have no sharps or flats. But it still allowed for quite a bit of musical freedom. Luckily, I recorded my work on VHS. If I ever get around converting it into digital form, I’ll be sure to share it here first. If it weren’t for owning a much more powerful music creation tool – Reason, my nostalgia would get the best of me and I would mess around on Mariopaint composer, a little program which recreates the music making experience of Mariopaint with a few extra features.

A more recent hobby I had for a short time about 6 years ago was converting the raw music files of my favorite NES, SNES, Sega and Game Boy games into mp3’s. And guess what, I converted some Mariopaint music too – the stuff that ran in the background while you worked. To this day, I still enjoy it while I work- creating animations in Flash, creating a 16×16 pixel favicon, or making a web site. If you liked that music too, here is a .zip file of a bunch of Mariopaint music – music from the game. Here’s what’s included:

  1. Title
  2. Intro
  3. Push-Ups
  4. Coffee Break Level 1
  5. Monkey Grinder
  6. Stamp Editor
  7. Load/Save
  8. Ethereal


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