The definitive list of meme-blogs

“Meme-blogs” are a growing internet trend, making up some of the highest trafficked sites on the web. Each meme accumulates tons of submissions, becoming a wealth of humor and curiosity. Some become books, and some get on tv, but they are all born on the internet.

I define a meme-blog as a stream of user-submitted content around a certain theme. Sure there are more than what’s on this list, but these are the original and best. So sit back and get your meme on. Here they are in two lists: Photo/video memes and text memes.

Plus, don’t miss the definitive twitter list of meme-blogs!

UPDATE: I made this list into its own site that YOU can contribute to! Check it out-

Photo/Video memes:

  1. Accidental Dong – Please don’t let this first entry set the tone for this list.
  2. Animals With Casts – Cute porn.
  3. Average Cats – The reverse of Lolcats.
  4. Awkward Family Photos – Featured on the Today Show.
  5. Cake Wrecks – Has amassed quite a following on twitter.
  6. The Celebrations Game – Real wedding and engagement announcements.
  7. Engrish – Hilarious mis-translations from Asia.
  8. The FAIL Blog– Joy gained from failure.
  9. Fail Dogs – Excellent canine spin-off of Lolcats
  10. Faces in Places – Found faces.
  11. Fancy Fast Food – Fast food disguised with a gourmet presentation.
  12. Fuck Yeah 4Chan – A meme of memes. Draws off of
  13. Historical Tweets – If Historical figures had twitter.
  14. Lamebook – Facebook fails.
  15. Lolcats – Creators of “lolspeak”, always good for a smile.
  16. Lower-case L – Perhaps we will never know why people write like this.
  17. Look at This Fucking Hipster – Photos of especially obnoxious hipsters.
  18. Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians – yep.
  19. Passive-Aggressive Notes – Veteran of the memeblogs.
  20. People of Walmart – It was only a matter of time.
  21. Picture is Unrelated – WTF pictures.
  22. Photoshop Disasters – How did these mistakes not get caught?
  23. Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat – The meme that got featured on the Colbert Report, and even has a T-shirt dedicated to it.
  24. Post Secret – Grey’s Anatomy caliber drama on a postcard.
  25. Probably Bad News – You can always count on local news to screw up.
  26. Sexy People – Old photos of people that are not sexy.
  27. Skull-A-Day – Has gotten tons of press, and has featured my skull!
  28. Sleeveface – People completing the record album sleeve art with their own bodies.
  29. So Fucking Metal – If you get in this blog, you are so fucking metal.
  30. Sorry I Missed Your Party – Sometimes NSFW (you’ve been warned!) photos found on flickr of people’s parties.
  31. Sturgeonface – Can you make the sturgeon face?
  32. SUCCEED Blog – As you may Fail, so may you also succeed.
  33. There, I Fixed it – “Epic kludges, jury rigs”
  34. Things Marketing People Love – I am among these people, and these things are true.
  35. This is Photobomb – Greatest photobombs (NSFW)
  36. This is Why You’re Fat – “Where dreams become heart attacks”.
  37. Totally Looks Like… – Characters, people and things that look strikingly similar.
  38. Unnecessary Quotation Marks – Pics of “just” that
  39. We Have Lasers!!!!!!!!!! – Portraits with the awesome laser backdrop.
  40. Why the Fuck do You Have a Kid? – “Why not, right?”

Text Memes:

  1. Dear Old Love – I bet you can guess.
  2. F My Life, Gives Me Hope, My Life is Average – Family of memes.
  3. Not Hired – Hilarious pleas for employment.
  4. Oh Crap, My Parents Joined Facebook – Priceless snippets.
  5. Overheard in New York – Apparently, New Yorkers are all assholes.
  6. Texts From Last Night – I hope they aren’t all real.
  7. You Suck at Craigslist and Jerks In Your Area – Craigslist excerpts.

I will update this list regularly, but chances are a more up-to-date list will be the tag memeblog on my delicious. If you have a suggestion for this list, please comment them, or tweet me.


29 thoughts on “The definitive list of meme-blogs

  1. Jo says:

    And this wedding one “The Celebrations Game” It features the Best of the Worst newspaper wedding and engagement announcements. They’ve got mullets, half-staches, inappropriate touching and couples who aren’t the least bit happy about this milestone event in their lives. You can follow them on Twitter: @CelebrationGame

  2. Katie Perkins says:

    you find such awesome sites! all my roommates and i were looking at them for at least an hour last night!

  3. mystic_eye_cda says:
    Items offered for “free” on craigslist or similar that are:
    a) Can’t be moved
    b) Actually garbage
    c) You would normally have to pay hundreds of dollars to get removed (ie you have have the shutters off my house if you come and take them down)
    d) are completely insane (guy offers to show women the best “tricks” for shaving their pubic area)


  4. SD says:

    I am confused. What do you call a blog that uses book memes (self created) to talk about books ? Does that come under the category of a meme blog ??

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